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The standby power requirement of every home is unique! Your energy lifestyle includes far more than your total number of lightbulbs.

What is your favorite thermostat setting? How often do you cook? How many loads of laundry are done each week? How critical is internet access? Determining your correct energy need is very important prior to selecting the standby generator system for your home.

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Our experience and expertise makes that process fast and easy – saving you time and money.

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Quote & Installation Process

You deserve the perfect system. A system that fits your energy needs. A system at a price you can afford. A system that provides comfort and security today, tomorrow, for years!

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The first step is to contact us! We will schedule a convenient day and time to meet with you at your home.We realize this is an important decision, so all decision-makers should be there for all the facts. We can answer important questions and consider the energy goals of everyone.

Due to the numerous variables of each home including your installation location and backup power requirements, all quotes must be done after a thorough property assessment. We will be able to determine what size generator is the best fit for your home – saving you a lot of time and money.

Be prepared to discuss why you want a generator and what you want a generator to do for you. Prepare a list of the appliances and electrical loads you would like to backup.

We will review the outside of your home with you for the best generator and transfer switch location.

Think about where you would like to locate your generator. Keep in mind your generator must be located outside your home with at least 18″ clearance and be a safe distance from doors, windows and fresh air intakes. You will also want to provide us with information on any home owner’s association or community restrictions that could affect your generator placement. We will discuss local permitting requirements.

We will also need to inspect your gas meter or liquid propane tank and your electrical service panel. Please clear any of these areas for easy access.

We will walk around you home with you to discuss which electrical loads you would like backed up. We create a total load assessment and determine which size generator you will meet your goals. A system that is too small won’t power all of your appliances. And there’s no sense in paying for a system that’s bigger than you really need.

Our proposal will be tailored exclusively for your needs and will  include suitable options, accessories and maintenance plans. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to discuss payment and financing options. We have several great financing opportunities to meet almost any budget. Your estimate is free and you have no obligation to buy.

Installing your standby generator is exciting! Proper installation of your standby power generator ensures years of safe, reliable service. We will handle all of the details:

We prepare the installation pad.
We secure all permits and ensure compliance with local and national building codes.
We place the generator and make all the necessary connections: We run the natural gas or LP fuel line, install the transfer switch and make all of the necessary electrical connections.
We verify the generator is operating properly after installation.
We clean and dispose of all packaging materials, tools and equipment.