What can a Standby Generator do for me?

Most people don’t realize how dependent their lifestyle and health are on a stable power supply. Like air, we just expect it to be there for us. Unfortunately, power outages and blackouts are all too frequent. Short-term outages can be disruptive, frustrating and inconvenient. But as the time stretches out, outages can also become dangerous and expensive.

Benefits & Purpose
Standby Generator Power Systems
Make Sense


Standby generator systems are designed to keep lights and home appliances powered in the event of a power outage – automatically.

A standby power generator system is part of today’s home.

What do all of the developments listed below have in common?
At one time they were considered an extravagance.

Home Lifestyle Improvements

Mid 1940’s: Refrigerators (mechanical iceboxes) become widespread in homes.
Early 1950’s: Indoor bathrooms become common in rural as well as city residencies.
Mid 1950’s: The number of homes with a TV hits 55.7%.
Late 1950’s: Air conditioning room(s) with window units becomes common.
Late 1960’s: Most new homes are built with central air conditioning.
1980’s: Wiring for cable television service is in widespread residential use.

Your streaming connection drops and the A/C shuts off.
The timer on the oven has gone dark.
The power is off again!

The weather outside is getting worse.
Opening the windows isn’t an option.
The house is starting to get uncomfortable.

The kids haven’t had their supper and need baths.
Are there any leftovers that don’t need warming?
Everyone is starting to get cranky.

The sun’s going down – it’s getting dark!

Your phone’s flashlight is running your battery down.
You empty three drawers before you find the old flashlight.
Where did you put those batteries?

Quickly, run out to the car to leave the phone charging at the dash.

How long has it been?
How long will the outage last?
No lights… no comfort… no supper… no baths.
You go in to hunt for your keys and pack a quick bag.

It’s time to find a hotel.

Times have changed. Standby Generator Power is Crucial.

Very quickly, power outages become more than just inconvenient. Life without electricity quickly becomes very uncomfortable.

What will you miss in an hour?
Air conditioning. Heating. Lights. Music. TV. News. Weather forecasts. Internet…

What if the hours become another day?
Cooking. Cold drinks. Hot water. Clean clothes…

Power outages can cause physical and emotional discomfort.

When the power goes out you are at more risk for accidents, vandalism, burglary and property loss.

Why? Lights and motion sensors are off. Alarms, locks and gates may have limited battery life. Incidents of burglary and vandalism are more common in areas with increased opportunity. If power outages cause you to seek shelter elsewhere, your property remains unsupervised.

And, large power outages can result in police assignments to street lights, traffic patterns and crowd control. Fewer police are available for home calls and inspections. Many home insurance companies consider a standby home generator a security asset.

Power outages compromise your security.

Many people are at physical risk with a power outage – even for just a few hours. Although today’s population is living longer, medical support is still required. Additionally, medical advancements allow many people of all ages to live a very normal life, but only while their condition is managed.

• Home Monitoring Equipment*

(Examples: heart, apnea, lifeline monitors)

• Respiratory Equipment*

(Examples: breathing equipment, respirators, ventilators, CPAP, humidifiers, asthmatic aerosol machines, oxygen machines)

• Special Needs Equipment*

(Examples: electric beds, electric recliners, even defibrillators)

• and many more!

* Depending on the specifications of the equipment, the on-board battery backup may not outlast a power outages of more than a few hours.

Additionally, many people require medications that must remain refrigerated to be effective. Each time an unpowered refrigerator is opened it speeds up the loss of cold air inside.

Loss of power can be life-threatening.

Wheeler Generators At Home

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Wheeler Generators Rural Homes


Power to homes in many rural areas face additional challenges. Many homes get their water supply from their own wells. When the power is off, there is no way to pump the water out of the ground.

Additionally, there are often more opportunities for power loss to occur than city homes due to downed lines, animals damaging transformers, extreme weather, etc. When a major power outage does occur it may not be restored as quickly as the more populated areas.

A standby generator power system makes your oasis self-sustaining.

Investment • Serious Savings

Prevent power outage-related home costs and realize additional savings.

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When your house’s lights and security system are on, it’s less likely that you’ll have an issue with theft or vandalism. Many insurance agencies now view standby generators as a theft prevention investment, which can reduce your homeowners insurance rate.

When a home sits without power, additional losses can add up. Even at economy locations, the cost per night for a hotel stay plus expenses for dining out can be pricey. Loss of freezer and refrigerator contents can add up to hundreds of dollars in spoiled food losses.

A standby generator system can increase a home’s property value. A recent study by Remodeling Magazine showed standby generators increase home resale values by 52.7% of the cost of the generator system.